Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Began Our Great Loop Trip October 1

October 1st was cold, cloudy and rainy bit it did'nt dampen our spirits or stop the trip. Our Tanks were filled, holding pumped out and we left Kentucky Dam Marina about 0930 am our first destination Ginger Bay 30 miles south on Kentucky Lake, we have anchored here before. Ginger Bay is a beautiful quiet cove with birds, herons, deer and other critters that look at us with curiosity as we enter their cove. The Bay is surrounded by trees and rock formations that have been wash smooth and round by the waters.
We arrived in Ginger bay about 230pm set the anchor, then made a started the generator and cooked a delis meal of spagatti with garlic biscuits. With our bellys full and having warmed up from the cold cruise we then took a nap. It was too wet and cold to be outside. Our first night uneventful very peaceful and long. There is a sad story about Ginger bay that a couple ancored there, turned their generator on and fell asleep never to wake again. NOT us we woke to live another day on our way to the Great loop. Day 2 October 2 2012 Leaving Ginger Bay for Paris landing. left the Bay at 830 am, we met our first barge and tow of the day just outside the bay we passed with no problems but it was so dark and drisseling rain that we had to turn the running lights on.
In this picture the I79 bridge and a tow barge in the distance we could hardly see it, by the time we arrived near Paris landing the sun was trying to peek out and our excitement was building.
The entrance to Paris landing has a coast guard station. Sooo cool! On arrival to Paris Landing we met a couple on a beautiful albin trawler "No Regrets" Berry and Denise helped us dock, they plan to do the loop someday, too.
In this picture Bill is helping to send Berry and Denise off on their M/V "No Regrets" they are heading to Joe Wheeler for a short cruise then back to Green Turtle bay. Bill and I hope to meet them again someday. At Paris Landing we checked in, today we are doing laundry and hope to meet up with a friend we met at Rottering Marine summer of 2011. He lives on a sailbaot here in Paris Landing.
While our laundry washed we walked around the campgrounds to help pass the time. There are persimmon trees, I have not seen persimmon trees since I was very young. There were persimmon tress at Grandma and Grandpa Rauls in Fredricktown, Missouri. You don't want to eat them until it frost because they are bitter. I guess they are for the birds. However I have seen recipes for persimmon pie. We met 2 other couples doing the loop Ross and Laura on their M/V The Zone and katie and Jessie on their sailboat The Next adventure. Docktails were on The Zone a 52 foot Jefferson, then we walker about 1/4 mile to eat For supper we ate at the Paris Landing Lodge "Crazy Chicken Night"
Ross and Laura told of their experience around the Loop it sounds so exciting We can hardly wait for the adventure to unfold.

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