Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zippy Cove Anchorage- Iuka Mississippi

Sunrise about 0615 am at Aqua Harbor Marina.
Today Bill and I will leave Aqua for an anchorage nearby. Before we left Bill had the opportunity to hang around the Captain and cargiver of the yacht "Ring N Wet" Chips Ahoy.
Bill took a tour of the Grand Banks vessel, He was awe struck by her grandure and beauty of this very large boat. Chip was informative and educated Bill about charts, boating, places to go, what to watch for down the Tenn-Tom and in Mobil bay and some things about boating in general. Bill was very appriciative of Chips time and instruction.
We arrived in Zippy cove about lunch time. Here we have our Great Loop burgee flying. When our anchor was down and all secure we started the generator and made lunch.
The next pictures are of My operating engeneer in action. Checking the engines, strainers, fluids, and the bildge for any problems. Bill added a gasket to the sea strainer for the heat and air that was leaking into the bildge (taking on water) with that fixed he then washed up for lunch.
While Bill was doing his Operating Engineer thing and lunch was cooking, I took the opertunity to prepare a meatloaf for a future meal.
2 pounds ground sirloin, 1 can Hunt's tomatoes for meatloaf, 1 cup breadcrumbs, 2 eggs mix then form into loaf and freeze. SIMPLE and ready to use.
The cove is beautiful and is beginning to dress for its fall display. The sky is overcast. Its very quiet here with blue herion fishing on its shores.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Beautiful sunrise. Safe sailing. Love you.