Saturday, October 27, 2012

The End of the rendezvous October 2012

October 24 marked the end of this rendezvous for 2012 above the picture of the sailboats in front of the ships store. Bill and I hope to do this trip again and go further up the Tennessee River.

The Race

On October 24 at the end of the day there was a dinghy race Bill and I signed up BUT, Bill decided to go into town at that time so a friend Darell captained this dinghy. We had so much fun!
The rules:
backwards, blindfolded, do not touch, voice commands only
So here we go! Darrell as captain and Me Joy as the navigator.
We got honorable mention. Darell was such a good sport!
I had so much fun that day. At dinner that night Bill and I sat among celebrities.
Bob ans Mavis Duthie
They are the authors of the dvd we made you watch.
" The Great Loop"
Will share more about this exciting day later,
Love ya, Joy


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